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Garden Grove Quilting - Longarm Quilting Services & More

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Welcome to Garden Grove Quilting

"A quilt is so much more... more than just a blanket or something to keep you warm. It is a part of yourself. Your hug and comfort when you aren't there to give it... Let me help you finish your quilt on my Handi-Quilter Fusion Longarm.

I've been quilting with my Handi-Quilter Longarm since 2014. I purchased the Pro-Stitcher computer with Art 'n Stitch digitizing software a little while later to increase the type of designs I could perform. Now I can just as easily quilt an edge-to-edge design as well as customize your quilt by putting separate designs in the borders. With the Art 'n Stitch I can customize designs already loaded or compose a design from a drawing or picture you like.

. Your quilt will be insured for the amount of the material while it is in my possession. Rest assured that your quilt is being taken care of by someone who loves to quilt as much as you.

Thank you for your interest in Garden Grove Quilting. I will work with you to make sure the quilting design enhances your quilt piecing. I reserve the right to refuse any quilt work I do not feel comfortable doing."


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